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So, you're following webrings, are you? If you're just taking a quick look at the rings I'm a part of, don't panic!

I won't send you on your way if you don't want to go just yet! Links below will take you to the other pages.

On EVERY PAGE in this site is a link back to THIS "Rings" page.

So you can wander around all you want, and continue on your way when you're ready. If you came in from one of the rings on this page, just look for the "Graphic+Other Rings" link in the navigation listing at the bottom of EVERY page. You'll be back at THIS page.

Need web page help? Several pages of helpful info !
Hints + Tips, Browser Information, AOL Graphic Info, HTML Colors, HTML Tags Basics + Advanced, Tables, Page Control, Resolution, Validating your HTML code, and Links to more helpful sites !

Looking for Tutorials on ...
Using tubes .. Seamless Border .. Seamless Tile .. Triple Table Border HTML Webpage Layout .. Using WS_FTP .. Using Winzip .. Installing both pIRCh and mIRC .. Installing Popups and using fancy text in IRC .. Downloading from the Internet

Plus a Tubes + Brushes for PSP 5, 6 + 7 section ...
free to use for personal or commercial purposes, but you can't distribute them in A N Y way, details in section

Of course, a 'Free Graphics' section ...
this background has a coordinating border background, and other webpage buttons, bars, etc. available in the "Winter" section of graphics and clipart.

@ Roxy's Renditions™ Web Creations ... the free graphics are temporarily UNAVAILABLE. I'm so sorry - we will try to get the graphics back online as soon as possible.

If you've got to go now ...
... you can return to your regularly scheduled program ...
thanks for stopping by !!
--- I'm so glad you did stop by, even if it was a quick visit ---
please stop by again ... any time ... and 'Bye ... Roxy

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