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As you can see, when someone else (like me) has control over the image you are directly linking to, because the graphic files are ON MY SERVER, I can replace that image with anything I want to.

When you direct link to graphic files on someone else's server, you will never know what image will actually show up on your web page.

So DON'T direct link (aka hot link) to graphics! Not mine, not anyone's!
That means don't display graphics by writing the code:
img src="http://www.autumnweb.com/Roxys/imagename.gif"
or anything similar.
Save the graphic to your computer and upload it to your own website server.

WebTV users, yes, this means you. Use the transloader!

Demonstration is complete ... you can use your *back* button to return to the page you were on, or go to the graphics directory page.

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