Roxy's TubesCustom Brushes for Paint Shop Pro - PSP - 5, 6 + 7 and Photoshop - PS Brushes !
Free (to use) for personal or commercial use, but not be re-distributed in any way.

These are Mike's creations ... 4 types of brushes as shown below:
(1) sparkle brush with 8 tips / styles, (1) waterdrop brush with 5 tips / styles,
(2) teardrop brushes with 9 tips / styles.

NOTE: There is a NEW SYSTEM of downloading PSP brush files. YOU MUST HAVE A JAVA AND JAVA SCRIPT CAPABLE BROWSER, AND HAVE THOSE TURNED ON, TO DOWNLOAD ANY BRUSHES [more info]. Using PSP 4, 5, 6 & 7 or Photoshop, drop the brush files in the brush folder

You MAY use these brushes to create any graphics for your OWN website, including commercial/business use. Those who make graphics for others (free or paid for) can use them as PART of images/graphics you make. You can not distribute them as single images or as brushes. No cost, no credit required. They are email-ware, email Mike, say thanks. See .txt file with brush.

You MAY NOT Place these brushes or their images in any web site collection, on a CD, or sell them. You MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE (give/allow to download/send to someone else) these brushes IN ANY WAY without signed permission. [more info] Thank You.

Download them (2kb each), unzip them, put them in the PSP or Photoshop "Brushes" folder. Then, in PSP, "get to them" from the control box for the paint brush tool {see fat arrow on image below}. Click that button and choose "custom" [example] to open the custom brush folder and view all your custom brushes installed. Then choose the brush you want to use [example]. Mike's brushes are in several sizes. NO, brushes can't be resized like tubes can, but if you put your brush image on a separate layer of your image, you CAN resize that layer. YES, brushes can be colored! The foreground color chosen will be the color of the brush. You can also set the opacity of the color ... make it pale, or a strong color.
brush opacity - 5 levels shown

custom brush options

Mike's Sparkle Brush (8)

Mike's Teardrop # 1 Brush (5)

Mike's Waterdrop Brush (5)

Mike's Teardrop # 2 Brush (4)

Can't get to brushes? Here's help!
You will need to UNZIP and then INSTALL the brushes into your PSP or Photoshop "brushes" folder. More info on another page. Instructions also on the text file included with the brushes.

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