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PSP Tubes and Brushes for PSP 5, 6, 7 + 8
Tubes and custom brushes, too. (brushes will also work in Photoshop and similar programs)
free to download and use (using tubes tutorial is available too)
Web Page Help
  • HTML Help
  • HTML tags Basics + Advanced
  • Browser Info + Validating HTML
  • AOL browser + graphics problems
  • Links to more information
  • Hints + Tips
  • HTML colors
  • Tables
  • Page Control
  • Your Monitor's Resolution
  • Tutorials (and links to more)
  • Creating graphics :
         seamless border + seamless tile backgrounds
  • Vector Text on a Path using PSP 6
  • Triple Table HTML page layout
  • Downloading from the Internet
  • Install pIRCh and Install mIRC
  • Installing popups, fancy text for IRC
  • Using PSP 5, 6 + 7 tubes
  • Using WS_FTP
  • Using Winzip
  • links to more tutorials
  • Why direct linking / hot linking is bad!
  • How to send ANY URL to a friend

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